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Single Corporate Funding Programs

Our modular approach means we can tailor our services to specific program needs

On or off-balance sheet, rated or not rated, insured or uninsured, our involvement and the structure of services we provide varies from one program to another. But will generally include:

  • Regular collection and processing of receivables data from the seller and loan data from the funder
  • If the transaction is insured, interaction with the insurer and management of debtor credit limits
  • Application of required eligibility testing, stop purchase, repurchases, performance triggers and S&P reserving (if used)
  • Establishment of collateral pools and, where necessary, the on-sell of receivables from one pool or SPV to another
  • Optimisation of which receivables to sell, borrowing base tests and reporting
  • Cash manager instructions for funds transfers to the seller
  • Provision of online access to The Funding Point for program monitoring and visibility