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What we do

Funding Platform for Banks & FI’s

AronovaTransact! is our on-demand, end-to-end receivables finance platform

Through AronovaTransact! we can now provide a fully outsourced, on-demand, end-to-end platform for the delivery and secure operation of portfolio-wide receivables-backed working capital programs. Spanning origination, data collection and eligibility through to cash reconciliation, fraud monitoring and backup servicing, AronovaTransact! takes the operational headache away from banks and asset managers, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at.

  • Automated collection of validated receivables from sellers, factors or invoice processing platforms
  • Global, ground-up debtor Insured Limits providing insurance certainty and qualification for capital relief
  • Reconciliation of lockbox cash to accounting system receipts and control of cash for receivables purchases
  • DUNS match verification of debtor records, situation within global holding structures, sanctions checks and backup servicing
  • Application of required eligibility testing, stop purchase, repurchasing, performance triggers and S&P reserving (if used)
  • Optimisation of which receivables to sell, borrowing base tests and Cash Manager instructions for funds transfers to seller(s)
  • Always-on real-time monitoring for credit control anomalies and potentially fraudulent situations
  • Mobile app providing a corporate seller with on-the-go monitoring and real-time notifications of invoice sales and key events
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