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Why Aronova?

We provide technology and services to an international network of funding providers, banks, asset managers, institutional investors, insurers and large corporates

Our operations cover the entire lifecycle of a receivables-backed working capital program. So whether you’re simply looking for global debtor credit limits or maybe you need to outsource your entire receivables finance operations, Aronova can provide a modular service offering tailored solutions to fit your needs.


We provide asset managers, banks and insurers with the visibility, control and certainty they need to provide receivables-backed working capital programs.

We help large corporates manage the day-to-day operational and compliance rigours imposed by their funding program and maximise working capital benefits.

We work exclusively through a network of carefully chosen, trusted partners, intermediaries and industry specialists with whom we build lasting, strategic relationships.


We specialise in operating whole-portfolio programs with an emphasis on trade receivables, but we also manage programs supported by other asset classes, including:

  • Trade payables
  • Corporate loans
  • Unbilled / pro-forma invoices
  • Corporate credit cards


Our role is clear – we use our resources, technology and infrastructure to help transaction parties evaluate, deliver and securely operate portfolio-wide receivables-backed working capital finance programs.

  • We don’t originate or structure transactions
  • We don’t provide funding
  • We’re not a broker or intermediary
  • We don’t provide insurance


We’re an independent company, wholly owned by the original founders and key employees.

  • No external influences
  • We’re trusted and known for our integrity
  • No blurred lines
  • Responsive and dynamic


Our modular business solutions cover the entire lifecycle of a receivables-backed working capital funding program, providing transaction parties with a one-stop, turnkey platform covering;

  • Quick and accurate assessment of potential funding opportunities
  • Daily cycle of receivables collection, eligibility, pricing & sale
  • Repurchasing, cash reconciliation and cash transfer instructions
  • Always on fraud monitoring, backup servicing & insurance integration


You originate and fund, we’ll provide the day-to-day operations.